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Jim Robison jim.b.robison at
Tue Aug 28 11:52:01 CDT 2001


I posted earlier with reference to my latest and greatest...  In short, I
have reinstalled Win98 on the win partition and installed juno there (v.
4.0.???), but it partially works.  It took me long enough to get that far,
so I stopped for the night and will be trying again later this week.

Again, I appreciate the help...  I still want to explore the junopine and
will probably do so later.


<lawson_whitney at> wrote in message
news:20010828.112853.134634208.3.lawson_whitney at
> On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Jim Robison wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get at this...  I think that I
> > like to explore both Juno v. 4 or even 2, I don't really care; I would
> > to find out more about the junopine stuff.  I probably won't be able to
> > for awhile.
> >
> > Thanks a lot for your help, even though I'm getting confused as to who
> > talking to.  I receive one email that has a from of
lawson_whitney at
> > and then another asking if I understood the first Lawson (did you make
> > of his response), but it had the same from address? :-)
> >
> > Jim
> >
> Relax, there is only one of me.
> You asked me by mail about Juno, so I replied direct with the junowine
> micro-howto and some speculation about juno 4.  By the time I got around
> to reading the ML/newsgroup, I had thought of some things you might like
> to try with juno 5 or any other windows app that I thought might be
> some use to the newsgroup.  In the post I replied to, you referred to me
> in the third person, so I did the same.  The gateway/ML doesn't change
> From: it just adds Reply-to:
> Meanwhile, Andreas Mohr came along to twit me about not keeping up the
> AppDB, I guess, so I replied to him, and you replied to that.  At least
> that is how it looks on the ML side of the news/ML gateway.  There are
> more than the two of us in this thread, it seems.
> Anyway, if you want juno 4 and can't find it, ask and I can mail it to
> you or upload it to an ftp site if you have one handy, I think.  I would
> be interested whether you get either juno to work.  Every once in a
> while somebody will dredge my address up out of somewhere and ask me
> about it, and I'd like to be able to give a straight answer, or build
> one into the micro-howto.
> All there is to know about junopine is in a 40k tar.gz at
> I think, or if it is
> not still there I can mail you one.  Works with mutt, too, or possibly
> any *nix MUA.
> I guess you probably don't want juno 2.  The GUI to read mail depends on
> SendMessageCallback, which is still a fixme, so it is not usable as a
> MUA.  OTOH she had warts.  I use it with junopine.
> ications/general_communications/
> Lawson
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