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>:>Is it possible to install and run Netscape whitout having access to a
>:>native windows.
>: There is a Linux-native version of Netscape available.  Or you can
>: download the Mozilla source and try to compile it, if you're really
>: adventurous. :-)
>: I'm not sure if the Windows version of Netscape4 or Netscape6 runs under
>: Wine yet.  (I can see why some people might want to preserve their cookies,
>: but otherwise one should just go for the native prebuilt. :-) )
>Some people during an exhibition last year felt that Windows Netscape under
>wine crashed less often than Linux Netscape under Linux...
>But beside that, this newsgroup is for discussing wine and it's development,
>and challenging wine with big applications like netscape is what this group
>is for...

I am forced to agree; if one can get Netscape to do something semi-
intelligent on Wine, half the battle is won already.  (The other
half is getting *IE* to work.  :-) )


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