Pagemaker in wine, looking for hints

Fredrik Jonson pt97fjo at
Tue Aug 28 17:18:05 CDT 2001


I'm looking for some hints on how to run pagemaker succesfully in wine. 
I run debian unstable and wine daily builds from wine main

When I installed Pagemaker 6.5 I had a lot of trouble with the dialogs,
some could not be selected sometimes, stuck under other windows. It
crashed two times when i tried custom install, as soon as i selected som
checkbox it just crashed.

Well the last try the installation hung just before finishing the
installation. I tried to run pagemaker and it works parcially. I
can start it and open some, but not all, documents. I can't open a
new document. I run with -winver nt40.

Well of course, I ought to be more specific... (Like, say, a *real* bug 
report =)

But my primary reason for this message is to try to get some tips 
on how to make PM run more stable. Is it correct to run it with
"nt40" och is win95 better? Does it make any differens wich
language and version of PM i run? Does it help to copy dlls from a
naitive NT system (which?). Is a wine snapshot more stable than daily
builds? Please, any hits are greatly appreciated.

I've heard rumors on people running Pagemaker rock stable under
wine and that makes me curius and hopefull.

TIA and regards,
Fredrik Jonson

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