My adventures with Wine and Netscape

Darrin Edwards edwards at
Tue Aug 28 18:09:42 CDT 2001

On 24 Aug 2001 07:50:19 GMT, Uwe Bonnes
<bon at> wrote:
>Darrin Edwards <edwards at> wrote:
>: On 22 Aug 2001 20:14:19 GMT, Uwe Bonnes
>: <bon at> wrote:
>:>Darrin Edwards <edwards at> wrote:
>:>: In conclusion, my experiences so far with wine (I've got a funnier
>:>: one prior to the netscape if anyone is interested :)) have been
>:>: neither uninteresting nor unsatisfying, and I am really grateful to
>:>: the developers for the tremendous amount of effort that has gone into
>:>: this project.
>:>Your experience will get more interesting if you switch opn debugging ;-)
>: Thanks :) I was aware of --debugmsg options, and used them on a
>: different install.  (Unless you meant winedbg, but the few times I've
>: fired that up, it's been painfully clear that it's beyond my
>: abilities!)  They (--debugmsg) didn't seem to help in the two cases I
>: mentioned; the "errors" were in windows-style dialog boxes, and as far
>: as wine was concerned things were running smoothly. :)
>That's the way it is suposed to be.

Sorry I should have been more clear here; I agree that wine
is doing the right thing in this case.

>Find the place where the programm fires up the windows style error
>box (Call... MessageBox) and look about what goes wrong. Normally
>the programm fetches some message to put in the box and before that
>there is something going on that the programm doesn't expect.
>documentation/debugging tells more.

This did indeed help in one case, thanks!

To recap, the 2 windows error boxes I saw were netscape claiming the
e: drive didn't exist; I proved this was bogus because when I pointed
netscape.exe at file://e:/, it could read it fine.

The second box was the stupid plugin (the reason I am doing all this
in the first place) claiming it couldn't access its strunner.ini file
due to "admin" privileges.  When I turned on --debugmsg (with
warn,err, and fixme, but no trace), I saw that the actual problem
according to wine was that the plugin .exe was trying to _create_ that
.ini; when I deleted it first under linux, the plugin's .exe started
up!  (I couldn't test it any further because I don't have a sample
animation file (.stm?  the "street-stream" player? the site
where this stuff comes from is not surprisingly tight-lipped about the

Unfortunately, trying to use the plugin under netscape.exe is still
not working; wine gives me a message that winedbg can't execute
'dddddddddd ddd' where each d is a digit 0-9 (sorry probably should
have recorded the numbers), and netscape.exe hangs at this point.  I
am thinking this may mean I didn't install wine (or winedbg?)
correctly.  If I did, then I may be stuck, as it is likely to be the
fault of the stupid javascript games played by the site requiring this
plugin, or of the poor design of the plugin itself.

Still hopeful though...


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