Windows Media Player

Robert Broughton rbronews at
Tue Aug 28 20:06:44 CDT 2001

Here's a problem I'm having with Windows Media Player:

1. I open

2. I see some messages at the bottom of the window that say things like
"dowmloading codecs".

3. I see a promptbox that says "Windows Media Player cannot open
'mms://'. You may need to reboot to complete
installation of a downloaded component. Please verify that the path and
filename are correct and try again." If I click "details", it says
"Unable to download an appropriate decompressor." 

I'm currently running Wine v20010824 and version of Media
Player. I have v2.4.4 of Linux and v4.1.0 of XFree86. Wine was configured
with "--enable-opengl --with-x". Any idea on how to get around this?

Bob Broughton
Vancouver, BC, Canada
"'beat the shit out of you' was not meant as a definitive prediction of a coming 
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