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Wed Aug 29 09:45:07 CDT 2001

Dear Internet User,

The eBusiness is changing the software applications and 
services landcape in a way that has not been seen 
earlier. Companies worldwide are waking up to the fact 
that the difference between just having an Online 
Presence and using the web as a strategic medium can mean 
all the difference to success. 

What this also means is that you need technology 
providers who understand the business implications of 
technology and can make sure that the solutions work with 
your exisiting business processes as also enable you to 
integrate new processes without massive investments in 
changing the whole Application Architecture. 

BrainCoders.com is a software company dedicated to 
designing and developing the highest-quality software to 
provide our clients with workable, maintainable and 
leading-edge solutions. We are specializing in IT 
services and software outsourcing. 

Our prices are one of the lowest on the market. We charge 
our customers from $8 to $15 per working hour depending 
on the length and complexity of the project.

Our leading principle is to consistently deliver on time 
and on budget. 
Our most value asset is our team of most committed and 
capable people. 

This dedication to high degrees of professionalism 
translates to innovative and cost effective solutions. 
The bottom line is that we help our clients gain 
competitive advantage and maintain their leading 
positions in their respective industries.

BrainCoders.com' software development services may be of 
special interest to the following groups of potential 

Software houses that wish to reduce their development 
costs by means of outsourcing.

Companies not directly involved in software development, 
but which have or need their proprietary software 
business applications and wish to delegate the 
development, upgrades and support of these applications 
to a software company.

For more information please visit our web site by 
clicking the following link:


If you are interested in our services, I would be happy 
to provide you with any information you may request.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Vesselin Sladkov
E-mail: sladkov at braincoders.com

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