Horses for courses - why not Wine 3.11, Wine 95, Wine 98, Wine NT etc.?

Mike Whittaker mikewhittaker at
Thu Aug 30 09:24:52 CDT 2001

I suppose the quality of support for the various platforms (and 16-bit apps)
really depends on the
standard and comprehensiveness of the application/API test suite(s) used for
checking compatibility.

Since I (currently) have no familiarity with Wine development, perhaps I
should reserve further judgement until
I have taken a look at the unit, system & regression tests !



PS. has anyone thought of porting the Win(e) API to other architectures -
not that I don't lurve Linux, of course !
And then there's the old 'thin client' concept. But  - one thing at a time,
and done properly, too!

[OK, maybe that should be - "how many other people have thought ....." ;-]

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