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   Publishing On The Internet-Is It Viable?

 Not Only Is E-Book Publishing Viable,Do-able,And Done Now,It Is Also Almost Too Easy To Dream About. Imagine This..... No $15000.00 Advance For A Printed Book By A First Time Writer (Your Money, Not The Printers), And Negotiable Rights To Future Known And Unknown Technologies. No Agents,No Sour Taste.
 Disenfranchised Writers Also Have The Opportunity To Be Published ( At Least On Line) Like Never Before.
This Is Great News For The Overlooked,To Be Sure.
No "Publishing Connections" Needed.
 We Are In Pre-Launch And Need Contributors.......
 Publishing With Bubble Publish Enjoins You With The Full Services Of A Professional Publishing Company. Submissions Can Be Reviewed By Their Editorial Staff For Possible Publication As An E-Book Or Inclusion With Thier "Must Read" Categories.
 A Ratings Program Insures Your Submissions,And That Your Works Will Be Subjected To The Most Highest Level Of Scrutiny, Therefor Insuring You Of The Greatest Level Of Publishing Integrity.
 Just Remember,Though,Terrible Writing Gets A Terrible Review. Think Professional And Get Opinions On Your Works Before You Take That "Dream Step".
Good Luck.

Rick Borgatti
Internet Promotions
Bubble Publish!
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