giorgian giorgian at
Fri Aug 31 07:40:02 CDT 2001

hi all,
we have a win32 application (no source), and we need it to work under wine.

after debugging a bit, we found that it crashes because it obtains a 
pointer by calling GetWindowLongA() with offset param = 0, and dies 
after accessing it, since  GetWindowLongA returns 0.

this happens under wine; under win98SE the same function call returns a 
valid pointer.

we tried executing step by step the GetWindowLongA function, but the 
debugger (TurboDebugger 5.5, the most decent we found, if you know a 
better *free* choice, please let us know) refuses to trace into USER32.DLL.

any suggestion?

are there more possibilities that wine's GetWindowLongA is buggy, or the 
bug is elsewhere (i.e. some other function corrupts the *WND structure 
or inits it with wrong values)?

thanks in advance

Pietro Giorgianni
giorgian at

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