Does Wine leave a Zombie-Thread behind?

gerard patel g.patel at
Sat Dec 1 09:26:37 CST 2001

On 30 Nov 2001 09:22:56 +0200, Axel Braun
<=?ISO-8859-1?Q?doc=5Fbraun?> wrote:

>Is there a bug tracker or is something like this picked up in the mailing list?

If you don't have anything more precise, it's not worth
the bother. The Wine bug database is full at 80% of
worthless crap without any technical detail, no need to
add more stuff (note that I don't deny that the other 20% 
*is* interesting, of course).

I have one test app that does that - leave one, or more
threads hanging, and it's not an easy problem. I know the
patch that caused it, I don't understand why, and it only
does it on one of my 2 computers. On the other box, the 
problem never occurs. It's probably system dependant (glibc
or even kernel)
If your problem is as simple as that, a simple report will not
be sufficient anyway :-/

>>Personally I have a script, killwine, in my path for tidying such things up;
>>it kills wine, winedebug and wineserver and then deletes the socket.  Very
>>heavy-handed but I get to use it every couple of days.
>could be worth putting it into cron :-)
>Is your script public available?

here is mine

killall -9 wine
killall -9 winedbg
killall -9 wineserver

and for the lock file :
rm $WINEPREFIX/wineserver-duron.chapeau/socket  

I have several versions of Wine running, but for you 
WINEPREFIX will probably be the default value : .wine


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