Desperately trying to build a wine.conf

zxmcr16 zxmcr16 at
Wed Dec 5 03:45:05 CST 2001

Hi there,

I am desperately trying to build a suitable wine.conf, but somehow I just
don't manage to. I have been reading through different wine documentation
and help pages.

I used winecheck to try to figure out what is wrong. However, winecheck
tells me constantly that I have to configure the paths of my drives in a
special way: /my/mount/point. I tried to apply that (of course not
/my/mount/point... I was looking for the right mount point), but it's not

I would appreciate if someone could forward me his config-file so that I
can have a look into it and finally figure out what I am doing wrong all
the time.

I am working on a linux-only box, so it would be helpful if someone who
has no windows on his box could send me his config-file (I know how to
configure wine when windows is already installed on the same box, so
please don't send any files that are configured for an existing windows

Thank you in advance.
Sonja ;)))))

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