Visual FoxPro 5 apps

Rick Romero rick at
Wed Dec 5 11:55:10 CST 2001


I was wondering if anyone has gotten Visual FoxPro apps working?

Here's where I am.

Under both fake_windows, and the 'real windows' installations, Foxpro
apps seem to not release the mouse click when an MDI window is selected,
or the scrollbars are used.  In a print-preview, this appears to be a
lockup (really, it's in 'select mode', for highlighting text).

What I've noticed.

1. I can run the development environment.
  This gives me a MDI window where I can type commands.

2. I can use the menus to open a .prg file, or I can type modi comm
etc.etc to open one.

3. I can switch between MDI windows with CTRL-F1, or just select the
command window with CTRl-F2. After switching windows, I can type in

I cannot click within any MDI window, or click in the scroll bar area. 
I first noticed this trying to run one of my compiled apps, and
scrolling in the print preview MDI window, but it appears to happen on
all MDI windows.

Now I've tried a few different distro's, and quite a few different
releases of wine (been compiling from cvs for the last couple months),
so I don't think it's just me... BUT.

If anyone else is interested, I could easily create an app that just
does a print preview, and post it to the web, with the proper dll's and
registry entries required for running FoxPro apps.. (no the RunTime
doesn't install thru wine.)

I am not a programmer by any means, but I'll tinker :)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Rick Romero

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