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Fri Dec 7 01:34:49 CST 2001

Hey Lawson,

how about this one? (it includes the original patch, and is untested,
as usual)


Original message from: lawson_whitney at
>On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Mike McCormack wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> yeah, looks like there's a bit of confusion between
>> and RTS_CONTROL_HANDSHAKE in dlls/kernel/comm.c
>> RTS_CONTROL_ENABLE does not mean we should use flow control, it
>> we should turn on RTS and leave it on. Similarly with
>> DTR_CONTROL_ENABLE. Man, what confusing names.
>> Is the (untested) patch attached helpful?
>> Looks like there will be more issues with this...
>> Mike
>Yep.  That is all very well for my 32 bit app, but the 16 bit - works
>OK, unless you try a comm trace, then it crashes, with this little
>trace:comm:WriteComm16 cid 3, ptr 0x40f7d21e, length 1487
>wine_dbg_vprintf: debugstr buffer overflow (contents:
'trace:comm:WriteComm16 1A2845F7:       4:PUTDATA 541 AD_STATS 0.AS
>I guess 1407 bytes plus the trace message is more than we need.
>Also, the app shuts off CRTSCTS.  I think there is still something
>in [GS]etCommState16 and/or DCBtoDCB16.
>Probable user head space error. - Dennis A. Moore

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