err:font:XFONT_RealizeFont (PC-Bibliothek)

Thomas Link samul.REMOVE.ME at
Sat Dec 8 14:15:48 CST 2001

Hi all,

I would like to use a program called "PC-Bibliothek" (a program for
dictionaries) with wine under Linux. This program uses some special
fonts of its own which seems to cause problems. When I start the program
I get many errors like the following:

err:font:XFONT_RealizeFont plf->lfHeight = 10804, Creating a 100 pixel
font and rescaling metrics

Could somebody please tell me what this error message means and how I
could probably solve the problem? This seems to be the only point that
prevents me from using this program with wine. Unfortunately, without
these fonts the program is not usable.

I have RH 7.1 installed, xfs running (the windows fonts directory is in
the search path). I'm using Wine 20011108. The fonts needed are
installed correctly -- as far as I can tell. At least, they show up in
notepad.exe's font select dialog. But wine complains about some unknown
register or something like that.


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