LoadOEMResource crash [Was: Re: Problem report: SHRINKER.ERR, fix to DEVICE_Open/CreateFileA? ]

gerard patel g.patel at wanadoo.fr.invalid
Sun Dec 9 04:20:10 CST 2001

On Sat, 08 Dec 2001 19:52:40 -0500, Robert Baruch
<autophile at starband.net> wrote:

>That's what I thought in the first place. I'll try to print out dir:
>(gdb) p dir
>$14 = (IMAGE_RESOURCE_DIRECTORY *) 0xc0000005
>Huh? The stack trace says the argument is 0x45f000, not 0xc0000005.

FYI Win32 uses a structure to control exception handling,
structure including a code tagging the exception type.
0xc0000005 is the code that Win32 exception handling uses
for a memory access violation.

[gerard at duron wine]$ cd include/
[gerard at duron include]$ grep -i c0000005 *.h
winnt.h:#define STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION          0xC0000005


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