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Sun Dec 9 11:01:08 CST 2001

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Richard Scheffenegger wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm currently working on a project to upgrade my car's display with NAV...
> Due to prohibitive high costs of oem solutions (and limited use except for
> nav), I decided to use a laptop, runnig that software...
> So, I already have MS Autoroute 2001 (european version). Against my
> expectations, this program runs fine with Wine release 20011004. However,
> the GPS Add-In doesn't work.
> I'm not completely certain, if it's the serial port (/dev/ttyS0, correctly
> configured according to all the docs I found) or the gps-dlls with cause the
> problem.
> Obviously, there are two different such add-ons. One intended for win95 and
> the other one for winnt40.
> At least the winnt40 version registers itself as service during
> installation, but I'm suspecting, that this dll/exe isn't executed in such a
> manner, that autoroute.exe can access it when it runs.
> Also, when you active the GPS function in AutoRoute, wine reports, that the
> ports (com, lpt) get initialized, but nothing else (ie. no file hadles, no
> baud-rates). And then, after a while, the application reports "no gps
> receiver found", as if it never saw anything on the serial ports.

Huh?  Wine reports what you tell it (with --debugmsg) to report.
If you are saying --debugmsg +comm shows that, there might be hope.

wine --debugmsg +file,+comm blah.exe 2>&1 | tee logfile

Basic serial IO works, though the app may get hardware flow control when
it doesn't want it (this is in the process of being fixed).

If the stupid app expects to find the comm port with DUN, RAS, or TAPI
you are welcome to figure out what those are 'spoze to do and make up
patches to implement one or more of them.

I helped a bloke in Australia get one of those GPS things working maybe
a year ago.  Maybe it was 2.  Probably not an NT version, though.
In fact I don't think it was a M$ software at all.
With micro$oft, newer is nastier.

> BTW: gpsd / gpsdriver or minicom all tell me, that the gps receiver is
> working ok...
> Perhaps someone here can help me debugging this stupid proggy, or point me
> to a gps utility, which (unlike gpsdriver) comes with complete maps, and
> route planning - which works under wine (if not native).
> Thanks a lot!
> Best regards,
>    Richard

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