wine and microsoft word file write errors ???

dan dansawyer at
Mon Dec 17 15:16:47 CST 2001



Yes /mnt/win98 is mounted as 0777 and word still can't write.

The error messages are in 8.3 format, it may be a word config thing.


Pavel Troller wrote:

>>Thanks again for the reply. This must be an office, MS Word and Excel 
>>ls -al   /mnt     shows the directroy as 0777 so it should be wide open 
>>from the linux side
>>The following is the config definition:
>>[Drive C]
>>"Path" = "/mnt/win98"
>>"Type" = "hd"
>>"Label" = "win98"
>>"Filesystem" = "win95"
>>Is there any other wine definition that could be blocking a write??
>  Yes, /mnt has mode 0777. And what about /mnt/win98 ?
>  You wrote formerly that wine runs as root so it's not an issue in this case
>probably; only to be sure.
>                          With regards, Pavel Troller

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