Configuration Problem

Robert Tilley tilleyrw at
Thu Feb 1 07:13:54 CST 2001

I have been using apt-get to maintain the latest version of WINE on my Debian system.

Problem?  When I attempt to run Agent (wine /mnt/C/Program\ Files/Agent/agent.exe) the following response is seen:
tillarium:~# wine /mnt/C/Program\ Files/Agent/agent.exe
/usr/bin/wine: [: too many arguments
No configuration file detected.
No configuration file detected.

When I press the Configuration button on the error screen, this happens:
Error:  Unable to find winesetup in your PATH or in /opt/wine/bin

Can someone please explain this?  I've been told that Wine can run Agent but I need to get Wine configured first it seems.

Robert Tilley
tilleyrw at

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