Better instructions with "\"

Ian Turner vectro at
Thu Feb 1 12:00:11 CST 2001


If you just quote things everything will be fine. So you can do
'c:\Program Files\etc' or '/mnt/win_c/Program Files/etc' and either one
will work in the the shell.


On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Timothy wrote:

> APPEND: Usage of "\" 
> Here's another quirk of wine. I write "c:\Program Files\etc". I have to
> type in bash "wine c:\\Program\ Files\\etc". No problem, as long I can
> remember ASCII(32)= "\ ", but when I try to make a desktop (iconized)
> shortcut(of a workable wine script), I need to write it as "wine
> /mnt/win_c/Program" "Files/etc".
> I can see the need for /mnt/, but now ASCII(32) becomes ASCII(0)null,
> and yes, I've tried to wine "command" and `command`.

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