Font problems (wrong font is used) (sorry for the delay Gerard!!)

Alberto BARSELLA ishark at
Fri Feb 2 08:59:38 CST 2001

nomailthankyoug.patel at (gerard patel) writes:

> It loads all right, it answers to commands, the only problem
> is that the person issuing the commands don't know how to
> play ;-)

Ahhhh ;)

> >Here I don't understand: what did you use to link the two pieces: the
> >"XFONT_RealizeFont physfont 1"?  
> Huh, it's mostly guess ;-)

Ok, I followed the right procedure, then :)

> XFONT_Match is doing the search; it returns an evaluation of
> the closeness of the asked font and the evaluated font (called 
> 'penalty' in the Wine code). 

I feel I'm more and more lost....
Doesn't an application simply ask for "Arial, 24pt"?  Well, I guess
that it's not so simple, right?

> The lower the evaluation is, the better the match. As you can see, in
> this case it returns 0 - a score difficult to best.
> As of why, it's not easy - at least for me. At the very least, I
> would require a complete trace with +relay,+font - and time.
> A good deal of time.

Considering that I know nothing about how windows deals with fonts and
little about how X11 deals with fonts, is there a remote chance that
by looking at the source code I may (accidentally) fix something?  :)
Where should I look?  In any case the worst it can happen is that I
waste 1 hr or 2....

> As a work around, how about removing this font from your system ?

I'll try, hoping I don't hit another unreadable font (at startup it
looks like wine finds 861 fonts installed on my system, I never knew I
had so many...).

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