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On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Eduardo Costa wrote:

> JP.Hermans at pandora.be wrote:
> >
> > When i start a program like excel or something else it works.
> > But i can't save my work to hd.
> > I think there is something wrong with te read/write permissions
> > of the hd.... How can i correct that ?
> You just need to see one thing:
> Who is the owner of the mount point ?

Doesn't matter.  You can't even tell while something is mounted on it.
What matters is who mounted it and how.
ls -ld <mount point>
will show you that, true.
> Don't know how to do that ? What are you doing in Linux ?
> Well, while you don't know how to change the mount permissions (tip:
> editing the /etc/fstab) and how to change the file permissions (tip: the
> extremelly-well-know-unix-like chown), try running wine as root.

You can chown a file or directory in a fat filesystem until you are blue
in the face, but it will still be owned by whoever owns the filesystem.
There is no place for owner or permissions in the structure of a fat
filesystem, so they are fictions established by mount.

man mount is really a good man page, once you get to know it, and man
fstab, and man 2 umask.

This _is_ turning into a linux-newbie's linux-newbie, isn't it?

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