Fallout2 is almost working!

Pasztor Szilard silicon at falcon.sch.bme.hu
Sat Feb 3 07:51:42 CST 2001

> It's happy day. I installed latest XFree86-4.x.y from CVS, then latest
> Wine release. I started Fallout2 setup - it changed X video mode and
> mouse worked OK! So I installed it - then I must kill wine, but game
> was installed in ~/win. Then I run it - it changed video mode again, and
> it is working! It's little slower, and there are serious problems with
> sound, and it's little unstable, but there is a chance, that I will play
> in Fallout2 in Linux! 

I've already finished Fallout2 in linux :P

Ok, that was wine-20000725 with some special help for the mouse from Gerard
(I think) at #winehq...

                 |                Smile! :-)               |
                 |        Hidden camera in the room.       |

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