Carsten Maul sm128ma at
Sun Feb 4 17:49:01 CST 2001

dl wrote:

> hi,
> i was wondering if it is possible to use WINE to run sone of my
> windows games under linux.  I still have windows installed on my
> machine, so is it not worth running wine under linux and just running
> them under windows instead.  Primarilly, its games like q3 and ut
> which i want to run, please could somebody advise me as to what to do.

You can run HalfLife undeer Wine.
As far as I know Q3 and Ut doesnt't work under Wine,
but for Ut: If you have the Windows Version just download the Linux Patch 
from and have fun :-) Ut then runs natively under Linux, 
what is better?
For Q3 there is an extra Linux version, also at Loki. You have to buy it, 
it runs perfectly.

Carsten Maul

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