Half-Life and wine

David dnospamhammerton at labyrinth.net.nospamau
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try andi mohr's faq-o-matic entry about opengl at www.codeweavers.com


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>      When I run HL with wine I get a OpenGL Mode is not Supported.  I 
> tried ./configure --enable-opengl but it still does it. I read through 
> all the How-to's and everything seems to be in order.  I've got a 
> GeForce256 with DDR a PII RedHat 7.0 and X-Free 4.0.1.  I am able to run
>  Soldier of Fortune for linux with OpenGL without any problems, but this
>  doesn't use Wine.  I have all of the latest nvidia's drivers for linux.
> Any help is much appreciated

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