Text handling broke.

gerard patel nomailthankyoug.patel at wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 6 07:11:58 CST 2001

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 19:33:02 +0800, "Dmitry Timoshkov"
<dmitry at news.sloboda.ru> wrote:
>In that case string could be copyed to nowhere without terminating 0
>as well. Whom to blame for that? Forgetful programmer or API function
>that checked passed to it buffer size and filled that buffer?

That's a philosophical problem; if you have the point of view
of the library user, the library that changes established behaviour
is always wrong, but the library maker prefers something along the
lines of  'don't take away my freedom to innovate' ;-).

I guess I'll send a patch checking the version to be compatible
with 'obsolete' Win32 api. No clue if A.Julliard will want it
though :-/


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