Microsoft Fortran Powerstation on Linux via Wine

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Wed Feb 7 20:02:41 CST 2001

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Aldo Colussi wrote:

> Lawson,
> I tried the two ways your are suggesting but still I
> have the same problem. And this is what appears in the
> terminal:

Hang on, now!  You got the exact same errors with builtin as with native
msvcrt?  Jon should be pleased, I guess (he is working on builtin
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Can't open MIDI device '/dev/sequencer' ! (No such
> device): Load MIDI sequencer
> kernel driver !
> fixme:heap:HeapCreate Shared Heap requested, returning
> system heap.
> fixme:mdi:MDIRefreshMenu partially function stub
> fixme:ddeml:DdeNameService (1,49270,0,1): stub
> fixme:font:GetKerningPairsA (5b6,0,(nil)): almost
> empty stub!
> fixme:font:GetKerningPairsA (5b6,0,(nil)): almost
> empty stub!
> ------------------------------------------------------
> Do you have any idea of what's going on?
> Thank you, Al
I guess your app stubbed its nose on an unimplemented feature and
comitted a fault, which was intercepted by the msvcrt fault handler.
You can count on microsoft code to do something useless in a fault
If you can tell me what are KerningPairs and how to go about getting
some (and what value[s] in what form that function should return)
maybe I could have a go at fixing that.  Maybe not.  I don't know much
about fonts, but even less about MDI windows.

Oh, it seems you don't have your sound card well configured in linux
- that is what the first message is about, I think.

> PD. I thought to move to g77, but the Microsoft idea
> has a very good math/statistical library.
If you want a good number cruncher, the 36 bit big-endian machines
descended from the GE 600 series have the best FP hardware ever.
(GE 600/Honeywell 6000/NEC 90 and 9000 - I think Wang owned them last I

g77 might be worth a look.  It compiled and ran a "hello world" program
for me as soon as I got the syntax of the write statment right (it's
been maybe 15 or 20 years since I used fortran much).


Constants aren't, and variables won't.
---cut here

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