Project "Muncher" the next step in wine

Tom Payne thp at
Thu Feb 8 05:26:37 CST 2001

Josh Walker <halkun at> wrote:

:     Ok, It's a lame name but it was the best I could come up with after
: spinning around in a desk chair for a few minutes. Here is the general 
: idea behind it.
:     Once, in an interview, Steve Balmber, the CEO of Microsoft threw some
: standard MS FUD out about Linux being a poor choice becaue each distro 
: tends to "mutate" linux and has no solid direction
:     I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to "mutate" linux into windows? Create 
: a linux distro that looks, smells, feels, sounds, and tastes like Windows. 
: And maybe, even run DOS and Windows apps too! Last night I wrote up some 
: Ideas.
: A good objective goal is this is to try and create a  windows clone.  You
: can probably flame me and say It's a stupid Idea. I want you too. Tear it
: apart and find flaws create a hypotheticel (sp)  buglist. Here's what I
: wrote.

: -----
: 	The folling document is a layout of the Muncher project. A project 
: to create a very very special distro of linux that is looks, smells fells, 
: and works just like windows. The orginal gloal will be to get it running, 
: (or appear to be running) enough native windows apps to win over inveters 
: and programmers to assist.


You would also want Win2000/NT file compatibility.  Last I heard the
ntfs file system was still readonly.  Has that situation improved?

It would also be nice to be able to run Win2000/NT device drivers
under Linux --- a very difficult project.

In addition to Gnome-based emulation of the desktop, one might consider
a KDE-based implementation.

Tom Payne

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