find the right (wine) path

Andreas Mohr aqi46g09cu001 at
Thu Feb 8 22:26:07 CST 2001

Brian <bmorris at> wrote:
> wine version 20001002 running in rh7.  installed and working.
> Have a newbie question about command line paths to access windows apps.
> No problem accessing  anything in c:\windows   eg freecell.exe by the simple
> command  # wine freecell.exe
> the mount directory is named /dos  (and is in /etc/wine/wine.conf under 
> Drive c) so I assume that the command
> # wine /dos/agent/agent.exe should bring up the programme ?  but it doesnt.
> "directory not found".  I've tried several different strings but only 
> executables in the \windows directory in win98 are actioned.  
> Haven't yet found some howto or other guide on this part of the config so
> would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.
Frequent problem.
Always run Wine from the *destination* directory.

Andreas Mohr

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