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bhalco at my-deja.com bhalco at my-deja.com
Fri Feb 9 17:42:11 CST 2001

I already have Wine working under Linux, primarily to run Quicken.  I'm
trying to run TaxAct 2000, without success.  Starting TaxAct, I get
the TaxAct splash screen followed by an error box stating
"Unable to open 2000 Tax Return File.ta0".  The filename contains
whitespace as shown.

The debug message log shows an attempt to open the file:

  Call kernel32.250: FindFirstFileA(2b94a92c "C:\\Program Files\\
2nd Story Software\\TaxACT 2000\\2000 Tax Return File.ta0",2b326734)
ret=004c22f6 fs=008f

(That's all one line.  I'm not sure how it'll wrap when I post it)

I assume the returned status indicates failure, since a little
further into the log is

  Call kernel32.158: CreateFileA(2b94a92c "C:\\Program Files\\
2nd Story Software\\TaxACT 2000\\2000 Tax Return File.ta0",
c0000000,00000003,2b3269ac,00000003,00000080,00000000) ret=004c1cbc

(Again, that's a single line)

The file in question is right where it should be, and where Wine
is looking for it.  The program runs fine under Windows.

I upgraded Wine from 20001026 to 20010112, but that didn't help.
I'm running as root.  The OS is Mandrake Linux 6.5, kernel 2.2.13.

I'm at a loss here.  Any suggestions what I try next?

Bruce Halco

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