"Unable to open file..."

Andreas Mohr aqi46g09cu001 at sneakemail.com
Fri Feb 9 19:10:55 CST 2001

bhalco at my-deja.com wrote:
> I already have Wine working under Linux, primarily to run Quicken.  I'm
> trying to run TaxAct 2000, without success.  Starting TaxAct, I get
> the TaxAct splash screen followed by an error box stating
> "Unable to open 2000 Tax Return File.ta0".  The filename contains
> whitespace as shown.

> The debug message log shows an attempt to open the file:

>   Call kernel32.250: FindFirstFileA(2b94a92c "C:\\Program Files\\
> 2nd Story Software\\TaxACT 2000\\2000 Tax Return File.ta0",2b326734)
> ret=004c22f6 fs=008f

> (That's all one line.  I'm not sure how it'll wrap when I post it)

Nope, this is not an attempt to open the file. It's an attempt to *find* it.

> I assume the returned status indicates failure, since a little
> further into the log is

>   Call kernel32.158: CreateFileA(2b94a92c "C:\\Program Files\\
> 2nd Story Software\\TaxACT 2000\\2000 Tax Return File.ta0",
> c0000000,00000003,2b3269ac,00000003,00000080,00000000) ret=004c1cbc
> fs=008f

> (Again, that's a single line)
Yep, it is, but:
You forgot to include the *returned* lines.
Unfortunately they are the most important things here,
so it's rather... err... useless so far ;-)

> The file in question is right where it should be, and where Wine
> is looking for it.  The program runs fine under Windows.

> I'm at a loss here.  Any suggestions what I try next?
Post complete data next time ? :-)

Andreas Mohr

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