CD Burning with Wine?

Dave dloose12321 at
Sun Feb 11 01:11:53 CST 2001


I just got WINE running under FreeBSD and I was wondering if anyone has
had success getting CD burning programs to work.  Specifically, I would
like to use CloneCD.  I can use cdrecord / burncd to make data cd's and
backups and the like, but a disk-at-once program is best (IMO) for
copying audio cd's.  And, unfortunately, there aren't any dao programs
that support EIDE drives and work under FreeBSD (at least, not that I
know of).

CloneCD comes close to running.  It give me a ton of errors about not
being able to open it's various graphics files (Error opening file
c:\program files\elaborate bytes\clonecd\xxxx.bmp: Invalid handle) but
the main window still pops up.  Then it says "Unable to load the CloneCD
Device Driver." and in the console I get "fixme: win32:DEVICE_Open
Unknown VxD CLONECD.  Try --winver nt40 !" (which doesn't help,

So... is it even possible to run this program?  I could always boot to
windows to copy my audio cd's, but that's no fun =)

Thanks for reading!


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