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Alberto BARSELLA ishark at
Mon Feb 12 06:58:54 CST 2001

Mark Norton <nortonmd at> writes:

> I'm wondering if there is a way to control the fonts with wine.  I'm trying 
> to run a game called Stars! under Wine.  The first release was the RPM that 
> came bundled with Mandrake 7.2.  That worked fine and the fonts seemed
> mostly normal (occasional graphic glitches but nothing that couldn't be
> read) but whenever the program ended, it hung and popped up a debug dialog
> and would subsequently hang.

Lots of stars! players around :)

> I tried the latest tarball from and compiled it.  The 
> performance is wonderful, however, now one of the fonts that Stars! uses
> for messages has turned into a weird little bold, italic, script font that is
> barely legible.  All other fonts in the program appear to be as good as or
> better than they were.  However the weird little font is in a rather important
> section so I'd really like to be able to tweak it to something that made
> more sense.

There's a thread "Font problems" in which G.Patel kindly answered a
lot of my questions about this font problem.  In short the answer is
that's it's not a trivial problem and the easiest "fix" is to delete
the unreadable font from your machine....
I've not yet had the time to try, but I was planning to create an
alternate xfs config pointing to a directory with VERY few fonts, and
running wine/stars! from that setup.

I've given up for the moment because opening up the battle VCR kills
the game instantly :(((  It wasn't happening some time ago....

I think I'll spend the evening trying to do something, anyway, since
after I upgraded my mb/cpu/ram win95 is *extremely* dead (doesn't boot
anymore, and install refuses to install) and I have a turn deadline
this evening (and I'm under attack... ;).

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