building ms-office.deb (rpm, tgz)

Vassilis Virvilis vasvir at
Fri Feb 16 23:49:06 CST 2001

Rod Smith wrote:


> packages could do it that way. An RPM or Debian package would make for
> easy uninstallation, since it could track installed files. I don't know
> how important that would be -- how many files does Office drop in
> places that might be awkward or inconvenient from a WINE point of view?
> Certainly if everything's in one easily-excised directory, there's not
> much advantage to an RPM or Debian package, but if Office replaces many
> standard Windows/WINE files, an RPM or Debian package begins to look
> appealing.

One other problem is the registry entries. In my setup office95 made my
registry fly from 400k to 1MB :-). I don't know about other offices and
I am not sure you can find all the info you need in the setup.inf files
(which a parser for them would be nice).


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