Help starting Wine

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Tue Feb 20 01:53:07 CST 2001

Are you pointing wine to native windows dll's?  This may be causing your
problems... you might want to try the #winehq irc channel on if you continue to have trouble and can't get adequate
help on the newsgroup.


In article <3A3B849C.D48F6802 at>, "Louis C. Kouvaris"
<lkouvari at> wrote:

> I compiled and installed Wine Dec2000 on my Slack7.0 box running the
> 2.2.18 kernel. When I start wine, Iget the following error messages and
> then it crashes:
> err: module:BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to load user32.dll:
> /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol:
> WIN32_GetLargestConsoleWindowSize err: module:BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to
> load kernel32.dll:
> /usr/local/lib/ : undefined
> symbol:WIN32_GetLargestConsoleWindowSize err:module:fixup_imports Module
> (file) KERNEL32.dll needed by c:\windows\system\user32.dll not found
> err:win32PE_LoadLibraryExA can't load c:\windows\system\user32.dll
> cannot load user32.dll
> I am using the latest supplied config file and I have read the Wine
> Users Guide but have no idea what the problem is.  Does anyone know how
> to fix my problem? TIA.

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