Problem writing to fat hd

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Sun Jul 1 08:38:41 CDT 2001

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001, Willy Gardiol wrote:

> This is what i did in word for windows 97, italian release:
> > > 1) "Save as..." from file menu
> > > 2) go to fat32 hard drive
> > > 3) type a name (in the log: ddd)
> > > 4) save. It says "The file is alreayd open, Try egain?"
> > > 5) say yes and retype a different name (in the log: dd)
> > > 6) it works. but why?
> Here it is bzip2ed, 41mb uncompressed.
> To get to the right point look for "E:\\ddd.doc" string. I have logged both
> +relay and +files to better understand what it does and when.
I meant for you to cut out a few thousand lines around the point of
interest, and just [b]zip that and send it.  Oh, well.
Now I know I can receive a 600k binary file by email.  I can change the
getsize I use with www4mail from 262144 to 524288.

> i tryed on my "c:\" partition which is a fat32 with 700mb, nothing change.
> A couple of last points:
> 1) again in word97, sometimes when i select "save" or "save as" or "open"
> from file menu the file dialog box doesnt pop up until i change the focus
> from word to another linux app and then back to word
> 2) when i use the open dialog box to open a file, i can click of a file but i
> have to type the name in the filename text box. If i click on the file name
> it makes me rename it instad of selecting...
There is work still going on to fine-tune controls and dialogs.  Seems
to be a remarkably fussy and fuzzy area, but I trust we will get it
mostly right eventually.

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