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Sat Jul 7 08:24:32 CDT 2001

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001 hoshy at wrote:

> I have a program to use my mp3 player that loads fine
> but cant find the .vxd that it needs to communicate.
> How can i force wine to preload it, and possibly the .dll
> in the dir, so the program can find it. I'm new to wine so
> nothing to cryptic please :)
> Thanks
> A. Evans
Okay, simply, you can't.  AFAIK, wine does not load native windows VXD's
and I don't think anyone is planing to make it do so.
Wine will load builtin VXD's where someone has taken the trouble to
figure out what the particular VXD does and implement that function
using *nix function calls, but to just load any old windows code and
turn it loose with the power to wreck your system, I don't think we want
to do that.

Wine is not windows, and it aint win4lin either.

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