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hoshy hoshy at
Sun Jul 8 10:45:02 CDT 2001

so our answer is the mp3 player transfer software is likly to never work...

> > I have a program to use my mp3 player that loads fine
> > but cant find the .vxd that it needs to communicate.
> > How can i force wine to preload it, and possibly the .dll
> > in the dir, so the program can find it. I'm new to wine so
> > nothing to cryptic please :)
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > A. Evans
> Okay, simply, you can't.  AFAIK, wine does not load native windows VXD's
> and I don't think anyone is planing to make it do so.
> Wine will load builtin VXD's where someone has taken the trouble to
> figure out what the particular VXD does and implement that function
> using *nix function calls, but to just load any old windows code and
> turn it loose with the power to wreck your system, I don't think we want
> to do that.
> Wine is not windows, and it aint win4lin either.
> Lawson
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