winelib and compiling MFC

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Mon Jul 9 11:37:19 CDT 2001

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, brian r wrote:

> You are right about the quotes.  I was using single quotes to show
> explicitly what I gave for a command, however the single quote in:
>  --cache-file='winemaker-config.txt
> isn't in my script.  I.e., a mistake on my part and only in the email.  Any other ideas?  

   Check or post the content of 'config.log'. This should tell you all
the tests that configure makes before it displays this error. An 'rm
config.cache' may help in getting you a more complete trace.
   The only place where this message is issued is:

    if test -n "`echo $ac_option| sed 's/[-a-z0-9.]//g'`"; then
      echo "configure: warning: $ac_option: invalid host type" 1>&2
    if test "x$nonopt" != xNONE; then
      { echo "configure: error: can only configure for one host and one
target at a time" 1>&2; exit 1; }

   So it's when it does not recognize an option. You could add an 'echo
$ac_option' right after the '*)' so that we know which option it is that
it does not recognize.

   One more idea, which version of autoconf are you using? autoconf 2.13
or the new 2.50 one (the version is in the configure script)? I'm not
sure these autoconf scripts have been tested much with 2.50, maybe
there's a problem there (and in that case the configure script may
differ significantly from what I have shown above).

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