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Antonio Augusto Todo Bom Neto antonio at
Tue Jul 17 15:08:23 CDT 2001

Excuse-me all for the Portuguese mail

put it in the /home/yourhome/.wine directory

Oi mano, 
este config tem a maioria dos drive (A:, B:...) desativados.
 alem disso ele jah faz com que o window manager vigente controle as janelas abertas pelo wine

Veja bem, 

d\me diga direito qual eh teu problema que talvez possa te ajudar,
sou meio ocupado, tenho uma empresa de projeto, as vezes demoro a responder e-mail
De qualquer forma to aqui...

Antonio Augusto Todo Bom Neto

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:00:54 -0300
Luís Vitório Cargnini <cargnini at> wrote:

> i'm having problems creating confgi file someone can send me your config
> in mail body or how is head of config file because i'm receiving the
> follow message when i type wine
> wineserver: /$HOME/.wine/config is not a valid registry file
> wine client error:(nil): recvmsg: Connection reset by peer
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