New printing concept of wine

Duane Clark dclark at
Tue Jul 24 19:27:56 CDT 2001

Richard Knight wrote:

> I'm using the old wineps printing system in recent version of winex and
> it works OK. I've tried to figure out the print system but can't make
> any sense out of it. Is there a HOWTO that explains the new system or
> can someone clue me in on how to read the PRINTING.SGML file?
> Thanks,
> Rick Knight (rick at
> Marcus Roeckrath wrote:

That appears to be reasonably up to date. Except that in the current 
wine you might not need to bother with the afmfiles stuff. And of 
course, check the sample config file documentation/samples/config. 
Otherwise, I read the sgml stuff with a script, which saves trying to 
figure out how to get sgml tools to work. I save the script as 
/usr/local/bin/sgml, and then type "sgml printing.sgml", for example:

sed -e 's/<[^<>]*>//g' -e 's/&lt;/</g' -e 's/&gt;/>/g' $1 |less -ni

Not great, but more readable than the sgml source:-)


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