Need some help on using Wine with DDK 2000

supergeek supergeek at
Thu Jul 26 09:20:49 CDT 2001


 I am a newbe with Wine and I need some advice..

 I have 2 partitions on my computer: Linux + winnt40.
 I use wine for developping drivers for W2K (yes it is NOT a joke!)
under Linux (some kinda of cross-compiling if you want ..).

 So for compiling and linking it works flawlessly (really!) and 
it's GREAT!

 The only problem is that I cannot browse the DDK documentation.
For doing that one must use a windows utility (called hh.exe) and
feed it with the files found in the ddk/help directory. When I do
that it display an error box with a message "Could not open
mk:@MSITStore:C:\DDK2K\HELP\INFOVIEW.CHM" and exits. The file 
C:\DDK2K\HELP\INFOVIEW.CHM realy exists and the wine configuration
file does have the apropriate entries to permit access to 
these repertoires.

 For me there is the prefix "mk:@MSITStore" that looks very strange..
Does someone have some clues for that?


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