Clone marcel.morin9 at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 29 00:50:06 CDT 2001

Rick Knight wrote:
> I read your message about using the Loki Linux Unreal Tournament engine
> to play Unreal. I have the original Unreal Windows version CD and would
> like to play it on Linux but can't get the Loki version to recognize the
> CD. Can you tell me which files to download from Loki and how to install
> them?
> Thanks,
> Rick Knight (rick at rlknight.com)
Unreal 1 is'nt supported by Lokigames, that means,  unless you have a
retail cd of UT u can't play Unreal 1 on linux..

if you need more help visit Lokigames forum at: news.lokigames.com



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