Diablo II again

Robert Laverick csujo at scabserver.com
Sun Jul 29 19:37:08 CDT 2001

Yes I can see that this has been covered before, but here we start 
again.  I'm new to wine, and new ish to linux.  Have been trying to get 
Diablo II working for a while now. it starts off and almost straight 
away it stops, it dosn't exit it just sits there ocasionaly using a bit 
of cpu time (85% ish) I've left it for a long time (about 4 hours) with 
no dicernable change in this....  yeah 4 hours was a lot longer than I 
think is a useful time to wait but I got distracted.  I've tried 
changing my colour depth to 8bpp but that didn't seem to make any 
difference, anyone got any clue what it could be think so hard about, 
other than how much it (like all technology) my do it's best to thwart 
me at every turn (yes I do think that it's personal, technology's got it 
in for me and I'll be damned if I let it beat me!)

Thanx in advance
Wine rocks!

PLEASE HELP I can kill windows if I can get this working!  well ok it'll 
stay where it is but this is the only thing that I need to re-boot my 
computer for now!

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