Diablo II again

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Mon Jul 30 22:47:08 CDT 2001

On 29 Jul 2001 20:37:08 -0400, Robert Laverick wrote:
> Yes I can see that this has been covered before, but here we start 
> again.  I'm new to wine, and new ish to linux.  Have been trying to get 
> Diablo II working for a while now. it starts off and almost straight 
> away it stops, it dosn't exit it just sits there ocasionaly using a bit 
> of cpu time (85% ish) I've left it for a long time (about 4 hours) with 
> no dicernable change in this....  yeah 4 hours was a lot longer than I 
> think is a useful time to wait but I got distracted.  I've tried 
> changing my colour depth to 8bpp but that didn't seem to make any 
> difference, anyone got any clue what it could be think so hard about, 
> other than how much it (like all technology) my do it's best to thwart 
> me at every turn (yes I do think that it's personal, technology's got it 
> in for me and I'll be damned if I let it beat me!)
> Thanx in advance
> Wine rocks!
> PLEASE HELP I can kill windows if I can get this working!  well ok it'll 
> stay where it is but this is the only thing that I need to re-boot my 
> computer for now!

try disabling DGA in your wine config

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