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Wed Jul 25 04:35:55 CDT 2001

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> gerard patel <g.patel at> wrote:
> >  Wine has Winsock support (that's the name Ms gives
> >  to the classic TCP/IP protocol). This allow news readers
> >  and mailers to work under current Wine (and it is working
> >  since a long time).
> I tried to run Pegasus Mail 3.12c under Wine (29.6.2001) and it starts
> without any tcp/ip things .. not able to do any network communication
> with it. 

That works fine here.

> Is there a special trick with Pegasus Mail or did I miss
> something with wine? 

Not really. Make sure that Pegasus is configured not to dial up and
use your favorite Linux tool to connect to the internet.

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