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Raphael H. Becker Raphael.Becker at
Wed Jul 25 09:51:05 CDT 2001

Rein Klazes <rklazes at> wrote:
>  On Wed, 25 Jul 2001 13:50:35 +0200, in
>  Raphael.Becker at (Raphael H. Becker) wrote:
> > >  What do you see under tools->options->advanced->"If winsock.dll is
> > >  available ..." ? 
> > I tried all 3, without any success (it's still "gray") :-/ 
>  Hmm, you must exit Pegasus in between for some reason.

no effect here. Option is stored in config and is loaded correctly
when restarting pegasus. Option is set to 

"If WINSOCK.DLL is available, load it (x) Always"

> > Other software with network access is working fine ... 
>  That is why I thought it is some option in Pegasus that is set
>  incorrectly. 
>  What do you get on the terminal if you start Pegasus with
>   "wine --debugmsg +winsock  winpm-32" ?

On Startup just this:
$ wine --debugmsg +winsock  'c:\PMAIL\winpm-32'
fixme:mdi:MDIRefreshMenu partially function stub
fixme:mdi:MDIRefreshMenu partially function stub
fixme:ddeml:DdeUninitialize (1): partial stub

Nothing else.

Raphael Becker

PS: Maybe a crosspost to could help?
Pegasus is running fine under "plain" Windows so I guess it's something
with wine and its software interface to Pegasus.  
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