Need some help on using Wine with DDK 2000

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Jul 26 11:06:52 CDT 2001

"supergeek" <supergeek at> wrote:

>  The only problem is that I cannot browse the DDK documentation.
> For doing that one must use a windows utility (called hh.exe) and
> feed it with the files found in the ddk/help directory. When I do
> that it display an error box with a message "Could not open
> mk:@MSITStore:C:\DDK2K\HELP\INFOVIEW.CHM" and exits. The file 
> C:\DDK2K\HELP\INFOVIEW.CHM realy exists and the wine configuration
> file does have the apropriate entries to permit access to 
> these repertoires.
>  For me there is the prefix "mk:@MSITStore" that looks very strange..
> Does someone have some clues for that?

About 6 month ago I was trying to do a similar task with the Platform
SDK Help. My investigations had showed that hh.exe is heavily using
the Internet Explorer components to accomplish its work. You can try to
install IE and try again. It would be great to hear a success story
from you.

Good luck.
Dmitry at

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