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Fri Jul 27 06:18:52 CDT 2001

In article <3B605E3F.23C32E43 at>, James Richard Tyrer
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>asasel wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I just hear you talking about programs like UT or winword, requiring either
>> a 3D rendering engine or a million DLLs.
>> But has anyone of you ever successfully started a plain DOS Program like
>> MS or duke3d?
>> Whenever i try anything like that wine runs into an infinite loop and does
>> nothing but produce cpu load and
>> > fixme:pthread_kill_other_threads_np
>> messages...
>> With some programs i do at least get the message that any real mode
>> DOS-interrupt is not implemented or called with wrong flags.
>> Oh yes, one single program runs: the ping.exe of windows 98. Just all the
>> newlines in the output are missing...
>It was posted a while ago that dosmode doesn't work.  If you own DOS,
>try DOSemu which will run DOS in a box.


DOSEMU can run DOS in a box, but I ran into all sorts of problems trying
to use it in a real office. After several years of off-an-on attempts, I
eventually gave up.

Are there any plans to make dosmode work? (Is it even possible?)

Andy Mercer

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