Diablo II - Lord of Destruction Expansion

Brian Postow bpostow at cs.umd.edu
Fri Jul 27 10:28:39 CDT 2001

In article <3B60C15C.7000906 at webtribe.net>, Molf  <molf at webtribe.net> wrote:
>Brian Postow wrote:
>> A couple of questions, a mini-poll if you will for everyone using
>> diablo in wine:
>> 1) is everyone using winex?
>I build Wine from CVS every now and then

Wine, not WineX? interesting.  I couldn't get that to work.
oh, right, I moved to WineX so I could use DXGrab, and then couldn't
get that to work... but never bothered to go back...

>> 3) Is everyone using -win?
>Don't knew what this option is

-win makes it run in a separate window rather than taking over the
 screen. With wineX when I try to run in full screen I get
 errors. With wine, and without DXGrab (which is known to not work in
 wine) In full-screen, if I went off the side, the window would scroll.

when it scrolls off the side, I lose keyboard input.

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