Diablo II - Lord of Destruction Expansion

Malte Cornils malte at cornils.net
Sun Jul 29 08:13:13 CDT 2001

Molf wrote:
> Yeah I get that, but I'd rather be careful not to go outside the screen
> than play in a window. I might hawe to try WineX though for some other
> stuff. I really wish I could run DOS games like War2 as well, but I
> don't imagine this will ever be supported (?).
> Molf

try www.dosemu.org for emulating DOS games, also for almost every
*real* gaming classic, there is an open-source project cloning it or
making it playable natively under Linux:

Warcraft 2 		- http://freecraft.sourceforge.net/
Civilization 1&2	- http://www.freeciv.org/
Ultima 7		- http://exult.sourceforge.net/

the various 3D games with their respective source releases (Descent,
Doom, ...) and a few others.

BTW, this is certainly not intended to dissuade you from trying Wine
to run those (Civ2 for example is a Windows game after all). 

-Malte #8-)

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